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It took me three days.

Three days. Three school runs. And then I wanted to cry.

For the past two days (Fri/Mon) Liam has been home, and until today when I had to do it on my own for the very first time, I haven’t felt that wave of emotion. I think having the extra support beside me has helped this transition so far, but being alone and walking out of that playground this morning, the feels hit me. Hard. I had to talk to Scout’s teacher, which was fine, but I really had to swallow down the tears as I made my exit. 

Little boy in his school uniform.

Scout couldn’t give two hoots. Somehow my 7lb 13oz baby boy is now a confident 4 year old who happily bounds through the door, puts his book bag in his drawer and runs to sit on the carpet without having to be told. 

So I guess you could say that today was the day, that I realised this transition is going to be harder on me, than him. Last night I had written a long list of to do’s for the day, but in reality, all I’ve done is wallow and feel lonely. I have done zero of the things I wanted to do. 

Please tell me I’m not alone in the way that I’m feeling. I know things are going to change again once Lumi makes her entrance into the world, but for now, I don’t even know what to do with all my free time! 

I guess I’ll get working on some new Mother Lode designs…

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